Davidoff Limited Edition 2022

by Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff Black Band Collection

Crafted for those in the mood to explore new taste sensations, the Davidoff Black Band Collection cigars encourage aficionados around the world to discover how nature's elements water, fire and earth have moulded and influenced the climate, soils and tobacco plants which blend the Davidoff cigar lines with the striking black band.


The story behind the Limited Edition 2022

Davidoff's range of Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá lines offers a truly diverse adventure in taste. For the creation of the Limited Edition 2022, Davidoff Master Blenders went on a flavour expedition and located a place where fire, earth and water meet. A spot that only they would have the imagination to seek out. Where the sweetness of Escurio, the intensity of Nicaragua and the complexity of Yamasá merge into a unique, undreamed-of experience.


The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 will redraw the maps of taste

Tobaccos from Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua combine for the first time in a wondrous harmony. For the cigar lover, this is finding El Dorado. Touching an uncharted, rich new region of the palate.


Taste Experience of the Limited Edition 2022 cigar

The salty, sweet and spicy taste of the rains of Brazil's Bahia region, the fiery bittersweet intensity from the volcanic soils of Nicaragua and the earthy complexity induced by the red soils of the Dominican Yamasá valley – the distinctive flavours of the Davidoff Black Band Collection are a true adventure in taste.

The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 draws from those unique aromas and invites aficionados to discover an untouched, uncharted new region of the palate.

The Gran Toro's relatively big ring gauge of 58 allows for a greater amount of the Black Band Collection's landmark tobaccos from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Brazil in the filler. The consequently reduced influence of the Ecuadorian wrapper tobacco results in a highly balanced blend with a strong intensity.

Right from the start, this exciting and diverse cigar's filler and binder tobaccos create intense notes of leather, earth and pepper. In the second third, strong notes of coffee, wood and nuts stimulate the aficionado's palate, only to conclude in cedar wood, dark chocolate and leather aromas as this Gran Toro comes to its grand finale. The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 creates an undreamed-of experience of 60 to 70 minutes of time beautifully filled.

Cigar pairings for the Limited Edition Gran Toro cigar

Due to the Gran Toro's complexity, flavours and its full body, all defined pairings for the Davidoff Black Band Collection apply to the Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 as well.


Davidoff Escurio

Refreshing cocktails that add a sour dimension to the pairing experience, such as whisky or rum sours.

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Davidoff Nicaragua

The cigar goes best with the signature aromas of caramel, spices and the creamy texture of matured rums.

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Davidoff Yamasá

Best paired with mature cask aged single malt whiskies that complement with body and depth.

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Davidoff Limited Edition 2022

An additional interesting pairing companion is a multi-origin blended rum that in turn enhances the cigar’s diverse main flavours of leather, coffee and cedar wood.

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