Davidoff Year of the Tiger Limited Edition 2022

by Davidoff Cigars

Aficionados born in the Year of the Tiger


The mighty Tiger.

Powerful and dynamic with senses sharpened by their awareness of their surroundings. The Tiger is always ready to seize an opportunity. They have the energy and dynamism to do so. And the determination. The Tiger will choose a direction, make a decision and that will be that. They will not backtrack or regret, a Tiger does not turn around. They are strong of spirit and will. This confidence inspires trust in others. Their openness makes them, for all their prowess, approachable. And they can make decisions as single-mindedly on behalf of others as they can for themselves.

For they are born leaders.

This Limited Edition cigar reflects the Tiger perfectly. With flavours as bold as the Tiger’s personality and its stripes, they too are leaders when it comes to quality and craft. The Tiger’s keen perception will naturally sense this immediately.

And, as if looking in the mirror, recognise the majesty of a great cigar.


Davidoff Year of the Tiger Limited Edition 2022


The Year of the Tiger Limited Edition 2022 cigar's blend consists of three proprietary Davidoff hybrid tobaccos culminating in a new taste sensation with the main aromas cream, roasted nuts and honey. The eye-catching piramides cigar with a wrapper imitating tiger fur pattern creates 55-65 minutes of time beautifully filled.

The Davidoff Year of the Tiger Cigar Leather Case protects up to two limited edition cigars properly and in style. The case guarantees correct humidification for up to 10 days. Finest cowhide leather and Spanish craftsmanship ensure outstanding quality for all 450 numbered pieces.

The Davidoff Year of the Tiger Porcelain Ashtray stands out through high-quality porcelain made by experienced French craftsmen. The classic shape with two cigar notches is ideal for holding two cigars. The 600 pieces are numbered by hand.

The Davidoff Year of the Tiger Limited Edition Pipe Tobacco comes in a vibrant red lacquered tin containing an Asian influenced blend with an exclusive mixture of Latakia, Burley and Virginia tobaccos from China, India, Malawi and Cyprus. The tobaccos are flavoured with a special musk aroma. Each of the 5'000 tins is numbered.


Davidoff Year of the Tiger Masterpiece Humidor


The Davidoff Year of the Tiger Masterpiece humidor is the highlight of the Year of the Tiger Limited Edition 2022. It was designed by Chinese artist Qi Xie and hand-decorated in delicate marquetry by Rose Saneuil in France.

Colours & Design

Qi Xie applied his unique creative techniques by representing the two tigers with colours that stand out and shapes that overlap and intertwine. Through her remarkable and meticulous marquetry, Rose Saneuil brought the two magnificent tigers to life.

The green tiger roars and reveals strength and ambition in his eyes, while the red tiger crawls through the jungle, keenly observing and ready to pounce. The postures of the two tigers offer room for imagination.

A true masterpiece of craftsmanship.


The Art of Marquetry

Rose Saneuil used a total of 22 natural materials, selected and assembled into a vibrant marquetry of almost 1'000 pieces. She created a Masterpiece with a depth and sentiment that will transport aficionados to a jungle of time beautifully filled.

The jungle that shelters the two tigers is reflected through tiger wood, tobacco leaves, Atlantic jarrah wood, tulip tree and straw.

Rose Saneuil used the properties of natural materials like the tobacco leaves and woods to create works of art linking the crafts of cigar making and marquetry work.

The tobacco leaves and Atlantic jarrah wood are representative of the red soil of the tobacco leaf plantations. The Atlantic jarrah wood on the outside of the humidor finalises the composition.


How the Tigers Came Alive

The red tiger is portrayed through red leather and vibrant red tulip tree wood giving it power and strength. The energy and dynamism of the green tiger is expressed through a combination of green tulip tree wood and myrtle burl. The tigers' powerful eyes are created using tiny precise pieces, giving strength to the tiger's glance, and more than 110 pieces constitute the tigers' whiskers.


The Artists


Qi Xie

Qi Xie is a Chinese artist who graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts. He was a finalist of the iArt Youth Project 2018, an international art project established by the well-known Chinese Yuan Art Museum. He rose to prominence with his unique and creative application of conceptual imageries in contemporary pop art culture.

Rose Saneuil

French artist Rose Saneuil continued Qi Xie's artwork. With her unique art of marquetry, she blends carefully curated materials of different textures, depth and suppleness. Her exceptional expertise and talent are known and appreciated worldwide. Her profound knowledge of her craft and its materials are reflected in the outstanding Masterpiece marquetry.


Limited Edition Toro Cigars

Each Masterpiece humidor is equipped with 88 Toro cigars exclusively crafted for aficionados born in the Year of the Tiger. Its beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper leaf received a natural treatment to bring the tiger's fur pattern to life on the cigar. The blend consists of three proprietary hybrid tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, culminating in a new taste sensation with the main aromas of cream, roasted nuts and honey.

Only 24 Masterpiece humidors with 88 Toro cigars each are available worldwide. The exclusive cigars will not be for sale anywhere else.

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