The Art of Blending

by Davidoff Cigars

Eladio Diaz, Director Quality at Davidoff explains how blending has evolved into a form of art. 

Traditional blending was not as complex as it is today. One or two tobaccos were rolled into a cylinder, without much complexity at all. During the last 20 years we began developing varieties and new tobaccos, which set us apart as craftsmen of exclusive cigars.

Davidoff is active in 15 different tobacco areas which can each produce 4 different grades of tobacco. This means that when we select these tobaccos for the filler, binder and wrapper, we theoretically have 216’000 possible combinations to choose from. If the filler contains more than one tobacco, this number is even significantly higher.

Due to our experience we generally make no more than one combination when developing a new cigar. We are able to interpret the expectations of our customers - the flavor they seek, the level of strength, the sensations and the degree of complexity.

Today Davidoff offers blends with unique sensations that aspire to all kinds of palates.

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