Cave de Paille Saison I

Cave de Paille Saison I

The limited edition Saison 1 is inspired by the growing tobacco leaf, harvested at the perfect moment: GREEN, RICH AND FULL OF LIFE. It’s the season where the tobacco is bathed in sunlight, full of energy and strength. It’s the season when the tobacco leaf is ready to be cut and harvested. Lison de Caunes starts by tinting the batch of straw herself to obtain a unique green/bronze shade. Then, when Lison herself thinks it is ready, each batch of straw is applied in a linear way on a flat surface. She then cuts it using a metal shape like that of half a leaf. Remaking the full leaves, she positions them on the humidor before applying them. It makes each piece unique, like a new plant growing.

  • 425 x 262 x 160 mm
  • 50 - 65 Cigars
  • Materials
  • Finish
  • Fittings
  • France
    Made In

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