Cave de Paille Saison II

Cave de Paille Saison II

Experience the highest level of craftsmanship with the Davidoff Masterpiece Humidor “Lison de Caunes - Saison 2”. Aged cigar wrappers and their infinite amount of shades within the same colour palette inspired the master of the traditional craft of straw marquetry Lison de Caunes to create a truly exceptional piece. A great deal of time has been beautifully invested in creating this Masterpiece. Thousands of strips of straw are utilised to dress one humidor. Each straw is cut to length, hand-flattened with tools made of bone and then trimmed and applied side by side onto a piece of paper. Lison uses a custom-made bronze mould to shape the straw for her creation. She then builds the design straw-by-straw combining shapes and graphic lines to create the effect of depth and contour which complements the silky and shiny surface. Lison de Caunes uses straw to form geometric and organic patterns that draw on the distinctive shapes of cigars and the rich colours of premium tobaccos aged until they are at their prime. Fifteen months of working, reviewing, even Lison closing her eyes to better assess the feel and texture of the straw, all to ensure that your time spent with the new Masterpiece Humidor will be time beautifully filled.

  • 425 x 262 x 160 mm
  • 50 - 65 Cigars
  • Materials
  • Finish
  • Fittings
  • France
    Made In

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