Winston Churchill Limited Edition Cigar Table Lighter 2021

Winston Churchill Limited Edition Cigar Table Lighter 2021

Inspired by moments of Sir Winston Churchill strategizing on the next move of his troops this solid yet elegant cigar table lighter is a homage to the commander in chief. Made from concrete, this heavy lighter is a statement of design and elegance. Water and dirt resistant concrete base, brushed brass lighter protected from abrasion and oxidation. The butane refillable table lighter comes with a double jet flame, which enables a secure light even in- and outdoors. Two engraved gold metal plates decorate the table lighter with Sir Winston Churchill’s icon and the Davidoff logo. “The Commander” pattern is nicely incorporated in the concrete base. Numbered gold metal plate at the bottom - limited to 600 pieces worldwide.

Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021
Winston Churchill «The Original Series»
Winston Churchill «The Late Hour Series»

  • 7 x 7 cm
  • 741g
  • Materials
  • Finish
  • Fittings
  • Europe
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