Oro Blanco

Oro Blanco is the rarest cigar Davidoff has ever crafted. It is in fact so rare, that even we at Davidoff do not know when the Master Blender will be ready to release more of these remarkable cigars.

The rarest indulgence for cigar aficionados

Due to the rarity of Oro Blanco’s tobaccos, only a very limited quantity of Oro Blanco can be produced. Do you want to be one of the lucky aficionados to enjoy the rarest indulgence of the cigar world? Complete the interest form below and a select Davidoff retailer will contact you directly.

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The Rarest Cigar for the
Rarest of Moments

When it takes three rivers to create a soil rich enough to grow exceptional tobaccos... When it takes 12 years of patiently ageing these tobaccos... When it takes the skill and craft of the very best Davidoff Master Blender and a further 18 months of ageing until the cigar is at its very peak...
Then the question arises:

When the Mao, Gurabo and the Yaque Del Norte rivers wove their way through the Mao zone they created the richest of soils.

When our Master Blenders came upon this area they sensed they could grow the finest tobacco plants.

When they had harvested the tobacco, they patiently aged it for twelve years.

When, through regular tastings, they were able to judge that the tobacco was at its very peak, they knew it was time, the perfect time, to craft the Oro Blanco cigars.

When they finally tasted the fruits of their work, they knew that three rivers had given rise to one truly exceptional cigar, a cigar of unparalleled quality.

When you roll an Oro Blanco in your fingers the only question is … When will there come a moment special enough to enjoy one?

An Unforgettable Experience

It is difficult to put Oro Blanco into words. Oro Blanco is unforgettably balanced, elegant and refined. We invite you to discover it for yourself. When you have found a moment special enough.


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