A place where earth meets fire and fire meets sky.
Where craftsmanship meets creativity.
Where the art of marquetry meets the design of Davidoff.

This is the remarkable Masterpiece humidor Terroirs, the singular vision of Rose Saneuil.
Rose is a unique French artist who blends materials with the same skill and imagination which echoes our own Master Blenders.

Inspired by the terroirs of Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá, she has merged and moulded these three worlds into one.
The intensity of Yamasá which springs from its distinctive soil is reflected in the red Tineo wood of Latin America.
The majestic volcano which towers over the scene captures the fire of Nicaragua.
And the evening sunset has all the mystery and promise of Escurio’s intriguing taste journey.
Red earth meets flaming fire below a glowing dusk.


304 pieces made from 34 materials fuse for the first time in this creation.

Among them Rose’s truly innovative use of the tobacco leaf itself. Over time, she developed a process which allowed her to tint the leaves to create new colours. It appears that it is not just Davidoff who can dream of beautiful new ways to fashion tobacco leaves.

The humidor Terroirs is indeed both a fantastic place and a fantastic piece. Leaves, woods, straw, minerals, leathers, parchment and even mother of pearl combine. The natural wonders of three different lands come together.

190 – 250 cigars

3 Davidoff de Luxe regulators
1 removable basket

550 x 356 x 180 mm
Geant humidor


The dedication and imagination of an exceptional artist joins the guardians of cigar perfection to give your cigars a protective yet inspirational home.

The interior of the Humidor is made of hand varnished Gabon wood from central west Africa. It is odourless and tasteless thus avoiding flavour transfer to cigars.

Each Humidor is equipped with three proprietary Davidoff De Luxe regulators which guarantee a stable humidification between 70 and 72%.


Each humidor is accompanied by gorgeous Davidoff Terroirs Belicoso cigars, blended by Davidoff‘s Master Blenders exclusively for the Masterpiece humidor Terroirs.

A beautiful and well-crafted Belicoso cigar that thrills the eyes with a light brown wrapper and the palate with creamy, earthy, nutty and leathery notes. Smooth and well balanced, this exclusive masterpiece cigar not only pleases with its Nicaraguan bouquet of various flavours, but also with its enjoyable strength level. An unforgettable and strictly limited discovery.


Size: 52 x 5 1/4"



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