If you are celebrating the Chinese New Year in the company of the Dog, you will be celebrating with a true friend.

For the Dog is the very essence of loyalty and dependability.

They will never let anyone down.

A quality the Dog admires in every Davidoff cigar.

A cigar they will be only too happy to share as a symbol of their famously well-founded and long-lasting friendships.

Gran Churchill

Size: 50 x 7"

Enjoyment Time: 70min

The impressive Gran Churchill format, wrapped in a chocolate brown Ecuadorian wrapper, develops a charming creaminess at the beginning that is soon followed by a little spicy twist coming from the Nicaraguan Estelí Seco tobacco in the filler.

Inspired by the Year of the Snake blend, the Davidoff Year of Dog cigar continues to charm with light peppery, wooden and nutty flavours and additional notes of caramel.

Only 9000 Year of the Dog cigar boxes are available worldwide.

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Year of the DOG


This Year of the Dog Travel Humidor comes with a rich dark red perforated leather flap, and an elegant beige fabric.

The smart tray is engineered exclusively for cigars with an innovative wave - design to protect cigars.

Humidity is locked in with laminated inner material (no seam technique), while the magnetic seal ensures the Humidor is tightly closed.

The dedicated pocket with an insert can hold the Davidoff Year of the Dog Duocut Punch Cutter.

Made in Italy, limited and numbered edition of 200 Travel Humidors.

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Davidoff Year of the DOG
Duocut Punch Cutter

This Year of the Dog Duocut Punch Cutter Limited Edition includes exclusively designed leather key holder to easily attach it to the Davidoff Travel Humidor.

2 independent razor-sharp blades deliver a perfect cut in any ring gauge (RG) – from 40 to 50 (small blade) and 50 to 70 ( large blade).

Made in Germany, in stainless steel and Gold satin finish.

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Year of the DOG

Format: Cognac Bent

Handmade in Italy, from briar wood

Limited and numbered edition of 80 pipes

Sterling silver ring engraved with
the Year of the Dog pattern

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