Every Selection is an invitation to discover cigars from the four corners of the world, crafted with a variety of tobaccos that represent the depth of rich tastes that Davidoff has to offer.
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Leave it to Davidoff to bring you the rarest of the rare. Expect out-of-this-world tobaccos cultivated in the richest of soils from faraway lands and passionate craftsmanship of only the very best Master Blenders around.
Oro Blanco

Oro Blanco is rarest cigar Davidoff has ever crafted. Remarkably balanced, elegant and refine – it’s an unforgettable experience.

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Royal Release

Not all cigars are created equal.
You realise in one beautiful instant that Royal Release is the product of a very privileged upbringing. From seed to cigar, every ingredient has been singled out for special treatment.

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Davidoff cigars have been long applauded as the pinnacle of expertise and quality. Superlative craftsmanship is supported by deep heritage all in the service of delivering unforgettable moments of pleasure.
Davidoff Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition 2023 Box with crossed Perfecto cigars
Year of the Rabbit 2023

The Davidoff Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a special Perfecto cigar.

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Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 Gran Toro Boxes and Cigars
Limited Edition 2022

The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 combines the best of Davidoff Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá in a Gran Toro cigar. Water, fire and earth create an eldorado of taste that is without equal.

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Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 box with ten cigars
Chefs Edition 2021

When kitchen pioneers meet cigar visionaries, the world can expect highest cigar enjoyment.

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Davidoff Exclusives 2021 Cigars in a box of ten
Exclusives 2021

The Davidoff Exclusives Editions are exceptional creations with customized blends, as unique as the countries, cities and anniversaries they were made to celebrate.

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Only Davidoff Master Blenders could take on the power of nature and blend it into a range of exceptional cigars with distinct flavours.

Water. Fire. Earth.

Can you taste the elements?

The climate gives Escurio its distinctive sweet original taste and rich aroma. Notes of salt and spice to give you flavours that exhilarate.

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You can taste the heat and intensity of the rich, volcanic soil of Nicaragua that the Davidoff Master Blenders softened to bittersweet perfection.

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The Yamasá valley was a challenge for the Davidoff Master Blenders. Yet 20 years of dedication moulded its tobacco's earthy and spicy flavours into a complex masterpiece.

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“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”
Discover our unique line of cigars inspired by a great iconic aficionado.
The Davidoff Winston Churchill Original Series Cigar

There is only one Winston Churchill and only one cigar that can do justice to the man. Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars present a blend as complex as the man himself.

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The Davidoff Winston Churchill Late Hour Series Cigar

Sir Winston Churchill was not a man to follow convention. When most people were thinking of their beds, Sir Winston found inspiration and creativity in the long dark hours of the night. The dark was where he found his spark.

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10 Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2022 perfecto cigars in opened box

The medium to full-bodied cigar is the only perfecto format in the whole Davidoff Winston Churchill range. The exclusive limited edition draws inspiration from Churchill's character facet as the Statesman. Distinctive notes of leather, walnuts and fresh spices create a taste experience as complex and effortlessly convincing as the man himself.

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The Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021 Toro Cigars in a box of five.

The medium to full-bodied Toro cigar delivers distinctive notes of earth cream and nuts. The exclusive collection contains a table lighter and an porcelain ashtray. The entire collection honors Sir Winston Churchill’s multi-faceted character as a “The Commander”.

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Dominicana is the essence of Dominican. A full-bodied and vibrating blend, with tobaccos aged for six years. The cigar offers a fuller-bodied taste experience paired with Davidoff signature sophistication.

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Sophistication & Refinement
Each and every Davidoff cigar is unique and distinct in flavour. Yet, they all have a familiar commonality that instinctively tells you – this is clearly a Davidoff. The reason? All of our cigars are handcrafted by experts with a passion to deliver a level of sophistication and refinement that allows each aficionado to fill his time beautifully.

The originals of the cigar world. The mild Signature blend promises timeless, elegant aromas of characteristically clean and creamy aftertastes.

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Grand Cru

Total sophistication. The Grand Cru series brings you a depth and character second to none – an enchanting mild to medium-body experience.

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Celebrating life. Aniversario introduces unconventional harmonies of exquisite aromas and irresistible aftertastes for those special occasions.

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A moment in time that exist for an eternity. The Millennium series delivers a complex, yet refined to full-bodied taste.

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